10 Best Websites to Track Video Game Sales and Deals

Gaming can be an expensive hobby, especially these days where some games can cost up to $70, like the recently released The Last of Us Part I. Luckily, the support has been around long enough that some bright-minded people sidestep the prices and offer players an intuitive way to get the best deals.

Video games can go on sale seemingly randomly, although there are general times when gamers can expect a deal, such as the holidays. But other than that, it’s more or less a matter of luck. That said, there are a few video game aggregators that offer prices that are mostly cheaper than the brand’s site with frequent sales. Some sites will even notify interested buyers when their most anticipated game goes on sale.



Most video game aggregator sites tend to miss one or two features that would make it easier for the user to find, GG.Deals is not one of those sites. Combined with numerous features to track a game’s sales history and availability, GG.deals is the one stop shop for players looking to make the most of their limited funds.

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The site filters not only the official sites for the best prices, but also many key stores. This means that as long as an offer exists for a game, the site should be able to find it. The site even notifies interested buyers when the game they’re looking for is part of a subscription service, such as Xbox Game Pass.


Slickdeals offers deals on more than just video games. Virtually any necessities can be purchased using the site, even accessories for a console or the console itself. Everything on the site is even sold for a better price than its original price.

The site can even be used to get some of the greatest and most timeless movies for next to nothing. Unlike other aggregators, Slickdeals offers discounts from retailers such as GameStop and Target. With its wide range of availability, finding a discounted video game is as easy as a few clicks in the search bar. To receive notifications when interesting games are on sale, all a user has to do is tap the follow button.


Despite its name, PSPrice does not only offer offers for PlayStation products. Instead, the site offers a range of different video games for sale belonging to each console and Apple’s App Store. PSPrices even allows users to search for games from different regions, which sometimes lowers the price due to currency differences.

This site can ensure that the user receives the best offers for the games that interest him. Thanks to the “Cheaper than ever” page, it’s easy to find the cheapest offer for the right device. The page will always show the lowest discounted price and will also show offers from select retailers based on availability.

Is there a deal

Is there a deal is often considered the one stop shop for video game deals. This site has a long history and is one of the oldest video game aggregation sites. For this reason though, it is a bit outdated in terms of user interface. But thanks to its long history, it is also a site where a video game can be purchased from anywhere, creating a wide range of offers and discounts.

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Although a bit old-fashioned, IsThereAnyDeal is easy to pick up. In no time, a user can easily and quickly locate a game and use the subsequent data to make a decision. In addition to finding the best discount prices for a game, the site sometimes even provides codes for an even lower discount. As a bonus, the site offers a link to the game’s wiki, just in case.

Deku Deals

The Nintendo Switch is quite notorious in the gaming community for being a device that lacks discounts or sales even for games released years ago. As such, it’s unexpected for a game on the device to go on sale and even more unexpected for when such an event will occur. Fortunately, Deku Deals is here to notify users of all up-to-date sales on the eShop and other retailers.

With Deku Deals, it’s even possible to get some of the best Nintendo Switch games for much less than normal. Along with this, the site notifies users when an offer ends. If a user finds a certain game interesting, he can click on it and read the duration of the game, the number of people who can play it and the download size.


DLCompare is the perfect site for users looking for the cheapest way to play a video game. This is, of course, considering whether they have the required hardware. For example, a game on PlayStation may be cheaper than on PC, but the Xbox version may be cheaper than the PlayStation version. DLCompare exists just to know exactly that.

PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC, DLCompare takes up-to-date data from all these platforms and displays the best value a user can buy. The site even occasionally provides users with codes for even greater discounts. This way, gamers can enjoy the best first-person shooters at a great price.


Few video game aggregator sites offer bundles or a collection of games that are sold at a lower price than each standalone game, but Fanatic happens to be one of the few sites that do. Fanatical is perfect for users looking to keep track of their favorite games and discounts, and even VR games are no exception.

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Fanatical has plenty of options for sorting its vast category of discounted games, whether by device or operating system, or even by publisher or franchise. The site even has a flash offer where a positively received game gets a massive discount and is left there until the allotted time runs out or the bar below indicates that the maximum number of purchases for the discount has been reached.

cheap shark

cheap shark is unique in that it is a video game aggregator site that even shows discounts from other video game aggregator sites. Other than that, the site has two useful features that put it in a category of its own: the “cheapest ever” feature and the “price notification”. CheapShark is quite simplistic in its user interface, but good, nonetheless.

The cheapest feature of all time shows the lowest price of a video game and the time of sale. Price notifications allow the user to set a price, after which the site notifies the user as soon as it falls below the point. Another core feature of CheapShark is its trade rating feature, a feature that displays a rating alongside a game that determines the value of the trade.


Compared to other video game aggregator sites, GOG.com is aimed at an audience of gamers who are looking for classic games or games with lower popularity. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer critically acclaimed new releases, such as Inscryption or Cyberpunk 2077. On this site, users can even play classic 90s games using modern hardware, like today’s PCs.

Most games on GOG.com are sold at a huge discount. A few that have been critically acclaimed and fondly remembered even sell for as little as $5.99. Many titles on the site’s features are DMR-free, which means that if a user’s system crashes and then needs to move to a new PC, reinstalling games they’ve already purchased is virtually hassle-free. .

Humble package

Humble package is often regarded as the most reliable and trustworthy video game aggregation site. Games, books, software, Humble Bundle sells it all, and at a discount too. The best part is that no matter what someone buys, some (or all) of their purchase can automatically be directed to charity. Becoming a member of the site grants the user the free games of the month.

Humble Bundle’s main strength stems from their bundled promotion, as the bundles they offer often feature a wide variety of games tailored to a specific genre. The site even offers alternatives for VR games, a platform regularly neglected by aggregator sites. In business since 2010, Humble Bundle offers over 12,000 titles to share, with regular discounts.

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