Mobile Shooter Armajet Launches Multiplayer Game Access May 13 On iOS And Android

Our goal with Super Bit Machine is to deliver best-in-class multiplayer games, translating the experiences we’ve grown to love on console to mobile devices.

Armajet, a competitive, mobile, multiplayer shooter with fast-paced jetpack battles, will be available for free Alpha Access on May 13. Intended for eSports, it allows gamers to watch and compete in real time seamlessly across all mobile devices. Armajet is built on the Super Bit Machine engine, a proprietary platform specifically designed for low latency synchronous multiplayer.

Players can participate in the Alpha version of Armajet for a limited time starting Friday, May 13, 2016. Armajet will be available for download to anyone with an eligible iOS or Android phone or tablet by registering at:

“I’ve always loved the eSports scene and wanted to create a fast, spectator-friendly arena shooter. Armajet is easy to play, difficult to master with the depth pro-gamers expect from competitive play. said Super Bit Machine co-founder Nicola Geretti.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the rapidly developing competitive multiplayer community on mobile,” said Alexander Krivicich, co-founder of Super Bit Machine. “Our goal with Super Bit Machine is to deliver best-in-class multiplayer games, translating the experiences we’ve grown to love on console to mobile devices. There are currently around 700-800 million PCs capable of playing games in the world, but over 3 billion touchscreen devices.

Armajet runs at native 1080p / 60 and features hundreds of weapons, items, and bonuses to unlock. To request free early access, go to, sign up for the Alpha and receive an email notification when the game is available for download.

To connect with Armajet on Youtube, watch the trailer and subscribe:

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About Nicola Geretti

Esport professional and Unreal Tournament World Champion Nicola Geretti brought together his gaming expertise and technological know-how as the Principal Architect of Buffalo Studios, empowering 1.5 million active users daily to play in real time. In his latest company Super Bit Machine, Geretti designed a platform to bring eSports to competitive mobile gaming.

About Alexandre Krivicich

Alexander Krivicich is a former partner and co-founder of Buffalo Studios, the class-leading social mobile casino studio acquired by Caesars in December 2012. Prior to founding Buffalo Studios, Krivicich was an integral part of the Electronic Arts social gaming initiative. , EA Social and subsequently for EA Mobile as head of art and design. Krivicich has been designing and developing applications, games and other multimedia experiences since the advent of Facebook and iPhone games for the MTV, New Wave Entertainment, Sony Entertainment, Universal Studios, EA Social and EA Mobile networks.

About Super Bit Machine

Super Bit Machine is revolutionizing spectator-friendly competitive games for tablets and smartphones. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, the company was founded by former professional gaming champions and development veterans who have expanded competitive mobile games to over 1.5 million daily active users for Caesar’s Interactive Entertainment. Their latest game, Armajet, uses fast-paced arena battles to showcase their exclusive engine for low latency gameplay on mobile platforms. For more information, please visit:


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