Six Dragons Enjin Coin Game Review

The six dragons is a blockchain-backed Open World RPG currently in development. It features a fantastic backdrop that features six evil dragons (hence the name) that have corrupted the world and turned some areas into dark, ghost-filled realms.

The six dragons alpha is slated to open in December 2019. This article will explain everything we know about the game so far. We will go over the gameplay trailer, the features of the game and the technology it uses.

We’ll do our best to give you enough information to decide whether you want to participate as an alpha tester – or ultimately, as a player when the game launches.

Six Dragons Trailer

The developer has released a gameplay trailer. It looks like a standard 3D RPG, with a menu interface and health icon very reminiscent of Guild Wars 2.

Gameplay is presented from a first person perspective in the trailer, although the game may also allow third person in a later release.

The areas shown in the trailer include a lush forest and a swamp with several log cabins nearby. The player character enters a teleporter that looks like the “shrines” found in GW2 Where Elder Scrolls Online.

This teleporter sends him to a place called the Enjin Arena. There he fights and kills a Minotaur. As a prize, he receives a blockchain object that goes directly to his Enjin wallet.

From its appearance, The six dragons will have great graphics and an immersive world. It’s too early to tell how fun the game will be, but at least it won’t look cheesy or ugly.

Six Dragons gameplay

The developer gave some details on how the gameplay will work in The six dragons. Here’s what we know so far.

Arts and crafts

making six dragons

Handicrafts will be a major feature of The six dragons The best weapons in the game will be alone be available from crafts. These weapons will require reagents from the main bosses, including dragons.

There will also be a slightly lower second weapon level that can be crafted or looted from bosses. In this case, players will be able to avoid having to farm weapons if they learn how to craft instead.

The best armor in the game can also be obtained by crafting or killing monsters.


explore the world of MMOs

The developer of The six dragons claims the game will reward players for exploring. Random treasure chests will appear in the game world.

Some of these chests will contain common potions or reagents while others, more rare, will contain epic equipment.


When it comes to leveling, The six dragons the team says there will be many ways to progress. Players will be able to level up by finding or killing monsters, as usual. But they will also gain experience by crafting or exploring and finding treasure chests.

The team believe this will allow the game to appeal to a large audience with many different types of players.

Six Dragons Technology: Enjin Coin and Enjin Efinity

enjin coin ecosystem

The six dragons is one of several games in development that is based on Enjin Coin (ENJ) and Enjin Efinity.

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin Coin is a cross-platform cryptocurrency token created especially for PC and mobile games. It allows game developers to create in-game items and turn them into collectibles that can be moved between games.

ENJ has been adopted by many developing blockchain games, including 9 Lives Arena, Age of rust, Forgotten artifacts, and others.

To create an item in the ENJ Universe, a game developer must acquire a certain amount of ENJ. This ENJ is put into and maintained in a smart contract. The only way to get this ENJ back is to destroy the item.

This creative process is called “hitting” an article.

There is a particular ENJ element, called The monolith, which is made from over $ 100,000 of ENJ.

Once the item is sold to a player, the player can then “melt” the item if they wish. This destroys the item but allows the owner to recover the original ENJ used to craft it.

The idea behind this system is to provide a floor below the value of all elements of the ENJ universe. Even if a particular game becomes unpopular, a player will still be able to “cash” the game by melting its assets.

In theory, this should create more confidence in a game’s collectibles and allow the game to acquire more players.

All the elements supported by the blockchain in The six dragons are minted using Enjin Coin.

Enjin Efinity

Enjin Efinity is a feature of the ENJ platform that is under development and is slated for release in Q4 2019. The developer calls it the “Lightning Network” for ENJ. According to the developer, Enjin Efinity will allow “almost infinite transaction volumes between millions of players and the game server”, but also transactions that “remain untrusted and verified on the Ethereum blockchain”.

The developer did not explain how these speeds will be achieved without compromising security. But one possibility is that it implements a DPoS side chain similar to Loom Network. This solution seems to be getting more and more popular every day.

Enjin Efinity will also enable new features such as lots of tokens (tokens made from other tokens), non-fungible (unique) tokens, and new token delivery models.

The developer of The six dragons told Telegram that the game will only be released “pending the release of Efinity from Enjin.” This is probably because the game will require Efinity’s high speeds to process its transactions.

Enter the Six Dragons Alpha

the six dragons

Alpha test for The six dragons is expected to start in December 2019, according to Steam official page. If you want to be one of the testers, there are things you can do to stay ahead of the competition.

First, sign up for the game’s newsletter. To do so, go to The official website of the Six Dragons, scroll to the bottom and complete the form in the lower right corner.

the six dragons newsletter

Second, join the game Telegram string and get to know some of the early developers and collectors. Third, join the game Discord server.

None of these things guarantee that you will get into the alpha. But they certainly help.


The six dragons is an upcoming single player RPG (for now) with in-game items backed by Enjin Coin and verified on the Ethereum blockchain. It is still at an early stage of development and many details of its gameplay are still not known.

In this article we have provided what is known so far about this game. We have gone through the trailer and the developer’s description of how the game will be played.

Hope this has given you enough information to decide whether you want to test or play this game when it becomes available.

The six dragons has great graphics and uses unique technology. We will pay particular attention to it as it evolves.

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