Apple is preparing a game controller for the 2020 Apple TV in a bid to push the Apple Arcade user base


With the Apple TV 2020 seemingly sporting an A12X Bionic under the hood, you can rest assured that the device will have considerable firepower. Apple will most likely market Apple TV as the platform with which it wants to popularize its Apple Arcade service. Sadly, selling an electronics box loaded with potent silicon won’t be enough, which is why the company is reportedly gearing up its own game controller for the 2020 Apple TV.

No fixed release date on Apple TV 2020 game controller, but WWDC could contain surprise announcements

There are no design details for the included game controller, but Jioriku has the impression that Apple is apparently working on the accessory for the Apple TV. If you didn’t know the following, there is already a dedicated game controller holder for the iPad for both PS4 and Xbox One controllers, and third-party accessory makers like Gamevice have also developed a controller for a variety of models. iPhone.

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With the Apple TV 2020 featuring a powerful chipset like the A12X Bionic, a user simply cannot rely on the regular remote for casual gaming, which could be one of the reasons Jioriku tweeted. that a game controller was being prepared. Unfortunately, while the tipster previously said the TV box will come with a heat sink to properly cool the A12X Bionic in a previous tweet, it doesn’t have a concrete release date for this unnamed gaming controller.

He says it’s possible the announcement will take place at WWDC 2020, which kicks off on June 22, but you shouldn’t hold your breath. Then again, there could be hardware announcements for a software-focused keynote such as the iMac 2020 redesign and Apple’s transition from Intel chips to its internal A-series silicon, so anything is possible within a few seconds. days.

Also, let’s see if Apple is ready to bundle this game controller with the Apple TV 2020 to push its Apple Arcade service, or see if customers are willing to pay a little extra for an Apple-branded accessory. Let us know what you think of this powerful device in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (Jioriku)

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