Burger King turns a hamburger into a video game controller


On the occasion of Gamer’s Day, the company joined in the festivities in this original way.

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August 27, 2021

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For video game enthusiasts, a special day is also dedicated to their celebration, August 29. To do this, many companies have launched special products or winks, merging the tour of their company with the gamer culture. This is the case of Burger King that turned a burger into a game control.

This week Burger King presented Burger Joystick , a controller was created from a Big lie (the iconic fast food burger) with potatoes. Without a doubt one of the most creative tributes.

Does the hamburger control work? Surprisingly yes. According to Merca gate, Burger King used Makey-Makey technology, a plate similar to those used by any traditional video game controller, but with a particularity: the alligator clips, which allow to close the circuit that executes the commands.

In fact, this type of plate has become very popular as people take almost any item and turn it into serving products. That’s basically what a Mr. Potato Head would be like in real life. Unfortunately, Burger King didn’t share the controller in action, which means they didn’t show us how the Burger Joystick works. However, the promotional image contains instructions for playing.

  1. Place the objects in the spaces indicated.
  2. See the attached video tutorial to make the connections correctly.
  3. Have fun playing like when you were a kid.


If you can’t resist the temptation to eat your joystick, then GAME OVER.

Image: Burger King

Perhaps the simple Gamer’s Day will surprise us even more.

Based on data from The Economic Intelligence Unit (CIU), the number of players in Mexico has increased due to the pandemic, with a total of 72.3 billion. In addition, it indicates that 57.4% of the Mexican population consider themselves to be a gamer.

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