Convert an exercise bike into a video game controller to get off the couch

If we were honest with ourselves, most of us would admit that we don’t exercise enough. If this is true for you, it’s probably because you feel like you don’t have enough time or energy; the last thing you want to do after a long day at the office is work out – you just want to slouch on the couch and watch TV or play a video game. But if you can combine exercise with something you really enjoy, it could make a difference. One way to do this is to follow this tutorial to convert an exercise bike into a video game controller.

It’s a great idea if you like to play games because it allows you to exercise while doing something you want to do so you don’t feel like you’re wasting. video game time while working. And because this exercise is linked to your performance in the game, you are strongly encouraged to sweat. In this case, you can link your peddling move to any video game action you choose. If, for example, you like racing games, you can make the throttle control proportional to your pedaling speed. If you prefer MMOs, you can peddle to advance or cast a spell. Of course, there are also buttons for other controls you want to activate with your fingers, like steering.

To perform this conversion, you will need an ESP32 development board, one 0.96″ OLED display, TP233 capacitive touch modules and some other miscellaneous components. It should work with any exercise bike that has a speed display. These bikes monitor pedaling speed with a Hall effect sensor. By connecting the two wires of this sensor to the ESP32, you can count each revolution. By timing the interval between revolutions, the ESP32 can calculate pedaling speed and use it to adjust trigger pressure or joystick position. If your bike has heart rate monitors in the grips, you can convert them to touch sensors for the controller buttons. If not, you can use masking tape to add them.

The demonstrated ESP32 libraries will allow the development board to connect to a PC, smartphone or tablet as a Bluetooth gamepad. This means that you can play any game on these gamepad-enabled devices, although you are limited by the number of inputs and therefore probably won’t be able to play Fortnite unless you be really creative. The ESP32 also displays the current pedaling speed or distance on the OLED display, so you can see the fruit of your cardiovascular work.

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