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It’s Sunday, it’s raining in most cities in Spain and it’s moving to get cold. A cocktail that invites you to stay at the residence to participate and not to go out. So what better way to do it than by betting? That’s why we’re bringing you new free correspondence that you love so much, so you can keep it in your library and have it endlessly.

This is Techwars Worldwide Conflict, an online multiplayer mecha game that was released as a free activity. You are probably wondering the causes of this entry if the sport was currently “free”. It turns out that what we are presenting to you is Demigod Legacy Edition, which is an added version of the activity that will be paid for.

Download this absolutely free version of Techwars World Conflict

This version integrates the base match, some additional credits and the exclusive “Demigod Legacy Pores and skin” which will allow you to stand out in a multiplayer way.

The activities of the activity take place in the environment of the novel Techwars by Mikhail Vlad. The American company Kato competes for the regulation of advanced naval know-how with the Russian organization Dominion. The main tools they use to demonstrate their electricity are the large combat robots, the most superior weapons on Earth. You select one person from these companies and you get distinctive robotics. Over time, when your basic robotics have been changed, your combat robot fleet can consist of up to five fully special units.

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