Every Time Sonic the Hedgehog Has Worn Other Video Game Costumes

A little after sound borders launches, fans will be able to download a special DLC that can give Sonic a Rathalos-themed armor set from Capcom’s hit monster hunter series. Blue blur is no stranger to crossovers, having appeared in games like Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz quite regularly. However, among the many Sonic crossovers, fans might be wondering how many times the hedgehog has dressed up in costumes inspired by other video game characters.


As a matter of fact, sonic the hedgehog collabs barely see the titular character dress up, presumably because Sonic is better recognized as himself, and special outfits might make him unrecognizable. However, sound borders aims to change that while expanding on the usual customization options offered in the series. For the first time since Sonic Rivalsfans will be able to put Sonic in unique costumes, and the monster hunter The crossover DLC coming November 14 may just be the start of costume additions to the game.

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Sonic’s History of Video Game Character Costumes

As far as Sonic dressing up as other video game characters in his own games, so far he’s only done it twice. The first instance was in sonic lost world; the Wii U exclusive title received a The Legend of Zelda rather open level. He saw Sonic discovering the Tri-Force as he adorned Link’s classic green tunic and hat. Today, nine years later, Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter The DLC gives Sonic two different pairs of Rathalos armor to wear.

However, promo artwork has a habit of featuring Sonic in ways the games don’t cover. Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games featured special artwork that saw Mario and Sonic marching together. While the two appear to be wearing similar outfits, Sonic took some liberties with the look. He was seen wearing a red jacket rather than a red shirt and overalls, with colorful ruffles covering his shoes instead of wearing pants. However, Sonic also looked at the role in an unexpected way, as he was also seen sporting a fake Mario-style mustache. Special work made for Mario’s The 20th anniversary also saw Sonic don the famous plumber’s hat. Between these, fans might be able to imagine what Sonic would look like if Mario captured him with Cappy.

The Rise of the Monster Hunter collaboration also dressed Sonic. Famous Sonic Adventure Artist Yuji Uekawa drew the blue blur in Kamura Village’s outfit with a special hood fitted to his feathers. While it’s not entirely a “costume,” when the Archie comics held a Sonic and mega man crossover, the story saw many of Sonic’s friends robotized and turned into Robot Masters. The second time the Blue Blur and the Blue Bomber met, Sonic himself transformed into the fearsome Robot Master “Sonic Man” as the primary enemy in the story’s first act. In the same vein, a Minecraft collaboration with sonic the hedgehog featured multiple skins for many characters in the series, requiring them to be reimagined as from Minecraft blocky and pixelated style.

It is interesting that, despite the time Sonichas been around and how many times the show has worked with other franchises, there haven’t been many examples of the hedgehog dressing up for the occasion. However, there is a chance that sound borders allowing players to customize Sonic serves as a sign of things to come with other DLC packages, or even in games after Borders.

Fans should also note that many other characters from many media outlets and franchises have dressed up as Sonic himself. monster hunter has armor for Palamutes, Felynes, and player characters like Sonic and Tails. Games like Hatsune Miku colorful scene usually come with some sort of Sonic held to celebrate the fact that games are usually developed by Sega. That’s just a fraction of the collaborations that exist, as Sonic has made its way into games such as Super Smash Bros. and Cookie Run: Kingdom. These partnerships have been going on for years, and while only a few of them dress up Sonic, there are sure to be more that could change things in the future.

sound borders will launch on November 8 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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