Games Inbox: what is Rockstar’s next video game?

Is it GTA 6 or nothing for Rockstar? (photo: Rockstar Games)

Tuesday’s inbox has more recommendations for retro-style indie games on Switch, as one reader is eagerly awaiting Modern Warfare 22.

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Never again
I don’t know if GTA 6 will ever be released, but I think Reader’s Feature is certainly right not to see it any time soon. GTA 5 on next-gen consoles basically guarantees that it won’t release for at least three years after that and possibly more.

The question that interests me the most is what are they going to do next? If GTA 6 is three or four years away, at a minimum, will there be nothing in between? Is there no hope of a smaller project like they did before?

Back then, Bully, one of my favorites, was a relatively small project, but because it’s an open world, making a sequel these days would still be a huge job. So big that I never see it happen. In fact, if I’m being honest I’m not sure I can imagine Rockstar ever going back to making small to medium sized games.

Can anyone seriously see them making another game of table tennis, or Max Payne 4 or Manhunt 3 or something like them? It’s a shame because there is so much talent at Rockstar, but he’s locked into an online-only game that may never see a proper sequel again.

The right way
I received my copy of Metroid Dread on Saturday morning and was delighted to see my Switch behaving on its own after downloading the necessary updates.

The point is, I don’t enjoy the game that much, I didn’t have fun with trial and error trying to find the right route to escape the white EMMI and find the Omega cannon. I keep going the wrong way, run into EMMI and die. Again and again.

I’m going to try to sell it for half price this week, I just can’t see myself persevering long enough for it to click.

To be honest, I never really enjoyed the gameplay mechanic of being stalked by an enemy you can’t kill, but still tried out Metroid even after seeing some EMMI trailers in it. action. It looked good and I thought maybe I would learn to enjoy it, but no.

CG: There is no right way or right road. Just watch where the EMMI is going and don’t let your paths cross. This area is very small, so it shouldn’t take more than a minute or two to get to the power source.

Unanswered questions
I actually have a few questions about the GTA 5 that they are going to release on the new PlayStation. If anyone has the answers or can get them, but my main question is, will Rockstar make another GTA Online? Will they do something that will benefit all players, not just some players?

For example, will they get to where people who just want to do jobs and missions will have a public lobby so they can do that and create a public lobby for people who just want to cause a lot of heartache to other players? Also, there are people who use cheats or hack other accounts, so many different types of issues that most people including myself don’t really want to play because of these issues and others.

CG: Rockstar offered very few details on the new releases, so it’s hard to say. However, they have recently started to streamline the jobs and missions available for GTA Online, with the promise of improving matchmaking in general, which may fix some of the issues you are having.

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Unlucky third time
Guess you’re probably too busy, but wondering if you’re going to review the Switch version of Disco Elysium (or even received a review copy)? I waited patiently for it to arrive on Switch and was planning to download and play it as soon as it releases this Tuesday.

I couldn’t find any reviews or impressions online which worries me a bit about the port. I really hope it works well, I feel like I’ve waited forever to finally try this game!

CG: It’s a long, complex game that most other sites, including us, have probably reviewed a few times already. There isn’t any new content, so it’s just a matter of seeing if there are any technical issues – which should become apparent fairly quickly.

Personally approved
Reader Mehrab asked for retro / indie games on Switch. There are so many but I would recommend The Messenger which is my top pick, Cuphead, Celeste, Golf Story, Limbo, Inside, The Bridge, Crypt Of The NecroDancer and if you want to play some of the old classics you can get it all. Doom games are pretty cheap and I recently bought the Castlevania collection which is a good deal and I think there is a Contra collection as well. I enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D World Tour and if you like 2D Mario games Super Mario Maker 2 is a must see and has endless levels.

I’m sure other readers can recommend more, but these are the games that I have played myself and enjoyed.

Professional experience
Why do I have the worst feeling about all these Konami rumors? I know we all assume eFootball is a separate thing and that being a disaster doesn’t reflect on their other games, but are we really that confident? This Virtuos studio that they have to do the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, assuming that’s true, seems to have no experience with this sort of thing. If there’s any opposite to making Bluepoint do it, it looks like it was these guys.

All I can say is Metal Gear fans better hope the rumors aren’t true. Or maybe they should hope they are because the utter disaster it risks being will likely convince Konami to give up for good.

For a company that makes the most of their money from gyms and other things that have nothing to do with games, I don’t know why they don’t sell the whole thing to Sony or something and that it is subjected to it. Instead, they seem determined to drop the names of the games until they’re no longer worth anything anyway.

Missing terror
I didn’t receive my copy of Metroid Dread either. I ordered the standard edition of The Game Collection.

9 out of 10 times my pre-orders arrive on release day, Friday. I’m writing this Monday night and still no sign of it!

I’m just wondering if anyone else is in the same situation or if GC has heard of any issues?

Local post office depots are unnecessary as their opening hours are very limited and differ from day to day due to Covid and are almost impossible to contact outside of my working hours.

This is the first time that I have thought about going digital for the first big board games in the future.

CG: As this is the same game but from different retailers, there may have been a general stock issue, although there has been no official announcement.

Change of subject
I really hope that if the next Call Of Duty is Modern Warfare 2 again, they have fun with the name and the fact that it’s 2022. Modern Warfare 2 2 could actually be its name!

Can’t wait to be there, because I liked the story campaign in the last one but don’t know why their story is so completely different from the original. How did we go from Russian terrorists and chemical attacks to South American cartels? Seems a bit of a jump and drop in danger levels.

Same game, different name
EA Sports FC is a bit of a crazy name, isn’t it? He can see that it makes sense at first glance, but what could it be shortened to? No one will say everything every time, so what are you supposed to choose instead? EA FC? You can’t just say FC or EA, that wouldn’t make sense.

The name doesn’t matter, of course, because the big issue is EA’s disgusting attitude towards the loot box. The thing with money that decides everything is realistic is just… I don’t have the words.

The bottom line is that loot boxes make them too much money, and they will only be dragged away from them by kicking and screaming by someone else, which will never happen.

I really would have liked eFootball to be a reasonable alternative, but that’s anything but, which means football fans basically have two choices: play FIFA or play nothing. No one will choose the second option and EA knows it, which is why they will never change.

Inbox also works
Chris Bruzzo’s take on loot boxes really sets the stage for what we can expect from FIFA going forward. EA is in my opinion the worst.

I have no doubt that the GTA trilogy remasters will cost £ 70. I’m surprised they’re not more honest considering they know they can charge whatever they want and people always will.

This week’s hot topic
The subject of this weekend’s inbox was suggested by reader Bernardo, who asks what is your favorite platform game?

It could be a 2D or 3D platformer game, but which one did you enjoy the most and why? Do you like the genre in general and are you happy with the way it has evolved over the years? What do you think have been the best new ideas to emerge in recent years and how do you expect things to change in the next generation?

You can include games from other genres, such as Metroidvanias, as long as the platform is the main element of the gameplay.

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