GameSir G4 Pro review: Cross-platform game controller


The GameSir G4 Pro is a wireless gamepad that works with iPhone and iPad as well as PC, Android and Switch. It looks like a wireless Xbox controller but with a flip-up stand to hold an iPhone.

I have played with the G4 Pro a lot. Here is how he resisted.

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GameSir G4 Pro review

There are so many ways to play games. Use different platforms and it’s easy to end up with a bunch of controllers taking up space. And empty your wallet.

The GameSir G4 Pro is a cross-platform option that works with a variety of device types. You can easily swap it from your PC to your iPhone. From your Android to your Switch.

It mimics the shape of an Xbox controller, so you should find the shape familiar. But with an interesting twist: it includes a stand to hold your iPhone or Android while you play. And there are no threads to deal with.

Material and design

GameSir has obviously set out to recreate an Xbox controller. The layout of the buttons and joysticks is essentially the same. Shoulder buttons, triggers, everything.

And beyond a simple arrangement, the buttons feel good. They are clickable, not mushy. Well the D-pad is a bit mushy, but that’s an exception. And it didn’t interfere with my gameplay.

The vibration is strong enough to be felt. And the rubber coated grips make holding the controller comfortable.

I spent a few thousand hours holding an Xbox controller, so the GameSir G4 Pro immediately felt familiar in my hands. My learning curve was nonexistent – I went straight into the game.

And the designers added a nice touch. For some reason probably related to patents / copyrights, the Nintendo Switch reverses the position of the A and B buttons in relation to an Xbox controller. No problem. The ABXY buttons on the G4 Pro are held by magnets. Remove them and rearrange them as you want.

The 800mAh battery lasted me a few marathon gaming sessions before it needed to be recharged. Make a backup via the USB-C port on the front and the USB cable supplied with this accessory.

The GameSir G4 Pro is designed to mimic a Microsoft Xbox wireless controller, but much more.
Photo: Ed Hardy / Cult of Mac

Switch between iPhone, Android, PC and Switch

Switching the GameSir controller to another platform is as easy as turning it off and on.

iPhone / iPad: Hold down the B button along with the power button and the G4 Pro will begin to act as a wireless Xbox controller. Use Bluetooth to connect it to your iPhone or iPad and you’re good to go.

I tested it with an iPhone and an iPad and had no issues. This includes playing Apple Arcade games and those that support MFi. (Developers should build controller support into their games.)

Android: Hold down the A button and the power button to start the game controller in Android mode. Establish a Bluetooth connection with your handset and you are good to go.

I tested this with an Android game designed for external controllers and it worked fine.

computer : Hold down the X button and the power button to start the G4 Pro in PC mode. You can connect via the USB-C to USB-A cable that GameSir includes in the box. But I prefer the handy 2.4GHz wireless dongle. Remove it from the bottom edge of the controller and plug it into the PC.

i used the Game controller tester Windows application to make sure that the computer and the controller are working normally.

The 2.4 GHz dongle is hidden in the bottom edge of the GameSir G4 Pro.
The G4 Pro has both a USB-C port and a 2.4 GHz dongle.
Photo: Ed Hardy / Cult of Mac

Nintendo Switch: Hold the X button and the power button to start the GameSir accessory in Nintendo Switch mode.

I play a lot but I can’t cover all the plinths. I was unable to test the G4 Pro with a Switch. Having said that, it works great with every other computer I’ve tested it with.

If you forget the different key combinations for different types of devices, they are listed on the back of the controller.


A flip-up handset holder on the front of the controller frees your hands so you can play games while easily viewing the screen. It’s not a particularly fancy design and makes the G4 Pro slightly heavy up front, but it’s quite usable. And it can hold the screen at a wide range of angles.

The spring clip is padded to reduce the chance of scratching your device. And it can handle handsets almost 3.5 inches wide. If your device is unusually thick, there is a clip-on mount. It certainly didn’t have any issues with my iPhone 12.

Clip an iPhone or Android into the GameSir G4 Pro for on-the-go play.
An iPhone 12 fits perfectly into the folding holder of the GameSir G4 Pro.
Photo: Ed Hardy / Cult of Mac

Final thoughts on GameSir G4 Pro

Don’t buy a bunch of different controllers when you only need one. I have found the GameSir G4 Pro to be a good option for playing on a variety of devices: phones, tablets, PCs, and whatever type of Switch you have.


The G4 Pro is $ 49.99 on the GameSir website. It is also available for the same price on

Comparable products

Pure iPhone gamers who don’t want to go wireless can take a look at the Rotor Riot Wired Game Controller ($ 49.95). Plug it into the Lightning port and Bob is your uncle. And it also has built-in iPhone support.

Or the standard Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller ($ 59.99) works with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.
But it does not include iPhone support. Consider the OtterBox mobile game clip ($ 29.95), which fits the Xbox controller perfectly.

And the GameSir X2 Bluetooth just launched. This game controller has a split design that places buttons and joysticks on either side of the screen.

Incidentally, the GameSir G4 Pro fits perfectly into the OtterBox gaming carrying case ($ 44.95).

GameSir provided Mac Cult with a review unit for this article. Check out our review policy and see other in-depth reviews of Apple-related items.

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