Gamevice Flex Phone Game Controller

Mobile gamers looking for extra precision and control when playing games on their phone might be interested in the new Flexible game controller unveiled by Gamevice, the team responsible for creating the original gamevice and Razer’s Kishi mobile controller. Designed to provide gamers”seamless transition from console to mobile cloud gaming“The Gamevice Flex has official ‘Designed for Xbox’ certification and is now available for pre-order for iOS and Android phones for $109.95 and $99.95 respectively. Watch the video preview below to learn more. more about its features and design.

phone game controller commands

phone game controller

“Our goal with Gamevice Flex is to provide a seamless experience by removing all of the barriers that have made cloud gaming on mobile devices a struggle and an inconvenience,” said Gamevice CEO Phillip Hyun. “With current mobile controllers, there are two major issues: the need to consistently remove your phone’s case, and once finally in-game, controls that aren’t a seamless transition from the console. Using our community’s feedback combined with our team’s years of design and manufacturing experience, Gamevice Flex will deliver the best mobile cloud gaming experience as more and more AAA titles come to the cloud.

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