How to become a video game pro and improve your skills

A few decades ago, the main dream of most teenagers was to become a famous basketball or football player. After all, at the time, such a status was synonymous with fame and money. Time passes, and now sport remains the most interesting option to earn money, as far as the younger generation is concerned. But with the development of the sports industry, new trends began to appear. One of them is cybersport. The term refers to all computer games that today gather teams and organize various tournaments.

Best streaming platform for games, such as Twitch and YouTube, allow amateurs and professionals of various computer games to obtain considerable profits. It comes, as a rule, from sponsorship contracts, as well as donations from users who wish to leave a message for the author. Such a huge demand for cybersport has led an increasing number of users to ask the question “how to become a professional in computer games and is it possible to make money from it?”. As practice shows, talented players can easily earn millions of dollars as a team. To do this, you just need to devote a lot of time to training. For example, in the legend, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the Ukrainian s1mple, has spent more than 20,000 hours in this game. Therefore, in addition to the prospect of fame and fortune, the user must be prepared for this that all the way takes a lot of time that he could have devoted to his personal development in other areas. In addition to dozens of stories about the incredible achievements of players, it is also possible to find information on the Internet about how users have become depressed because they have failed to achieve real success.

Therefore, before downloading any of the games for which there are big tournaments, the player must weigh the pros and cons. If the player understands that he cannot bear all the tension, it is better to refuse the idea. For example, real money online casinos with the best payouts allow you to bet on various video slots. Naturally, on gambling platforms, the potential success of the user directly depends on luck and the algorithms of dropping winning combinations, but the player does not have to spend thousands of hours to achieve a minimum of success.

The most popular eSports disciplines

A newcomer to computer games should immediately realize that not all programs downloaded to his computer are about cybersports. Overall, only these online games can organize tournaments and competitions similar to classic sports. To date, the most popular games are considered to be:

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The history of this online shooter dates back to the 2000s. It was then that Counter-Strike version 1.0 appeared, and later the iconic 1.6. Directly in this update, the first major tournaments took place. A few years later, most organizations have realized that by organizing tournaments you can earn a lot of money. As a result, they began to form teams. Initially, the competitions were held in an online format, but with the growth in popularity, top teams from Europe and North America began to travel to events outside their countries. Now the current version of the game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The fictional major finals (the biggest tournament) can gather on the television screens and computers of a few million spectators. teams such as Natus VincereVitality, Faze Clan, Liquid and Astralis are known even to users who have never tried this game.
  2. Dota 2. In some ways, this multiplayer game with strategy elements is similar to Counter-Strike. It also brings together two teams of five people, where each player has his role. The essence of each map is that one of the teams must demolish the enemy fortress. In terms of popularity, the first two esports disciplines on this list are pretty much the same. Despite this, the prize money of Dota 2 is much more important. For example, one of the last international tournaments had a prize pool of $40 million.
  3. PUBG. This is a game in the genre of the so-called “battle royale”. Its essence is that the player finds himself at a particular point on the map with almost no resources. His goal is to find a weapon with which he will kill enemies. The winner is a user, or a team, who remained the last alive.
  4. Valiant. Counter-Strike’s biggest competitor in the market. To date, this game is mainly focused on the Western European market, as well as North America. However, as practice shows, a relatively small number of professional CS players are ready to switch to the new discipline, despite attractive contracts.
  5. League of Legends. This project, in turn, is a competitor for Dota 2. The strongest and most competitive teams are located in China, and therefore the winners of major tournaments are representatives of this state.

Not all computer games are rightfully considered cybersport disciplines. Moreover, according to experts, the number of projects will continue to increase. If the player understands that it will be extremely difficult for him to achieve real success in cybersports, then real money online casinos can be an alternative. Naturally, all gambling platforms pose considerable risks to the player, but despite this, with a competent approach to the betting process, you can count on a real profit.

How to Succeed in Esports – Tips for Beginners

Many users believe that it is quite easy to succeed in eSports. However, this is far from the case. Less than one percent of players actually win games. Also, a person must understand that at the age of 20 it is too late to start training in order to start playing professionally later. And we’re not talking about the potential skill level of the user here. Rather, it’s a modern trend in cybersport, where at 25, most professionals are considered old enough to continue showing a high level of play.

If a player has decided on his own that he wants to excel in computer games, he should pay particular attention to:

  1. Coaching. They occupy up to 80% of the total time of skillful players. For example, in the same Counter-Strike there are special maps on which the user must perform various tasks, interacting with artificial intelligence. As a result, a few hours can allow the user to greatly improve the level of shooting and understanding of common processes. Also, it is possible to train by playing against bots. Naturally, such a game has nothing to do with the real situation. However, any competitive practice will be a positive experience for a beginner.
  2. Study videos published by professionals. You can be sure that after the end of the next match of a professional tournament, a recording of the fight will be released on one of the streaming services. By studying such a video, a player can better understand what actions should be taken in a particular situation.
  3. Form a team. The main mistake of most players is to collect their friends, who are often very weak individually. It is advisable to look for other solutions to show their true level in ranked games.
  4. Improve your skills regularly. For example, if a person understands that it is extremely easy to play Counter-Strike in the world ranks, the best solution is to go to the Faceit platform. This is where, as a rule, the most skilled players play.

World-designed video games – this is just one of the things the user should pay attention to. Each eSport discipline contains many characteristics that affect gameplay.

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