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Tower of Fantasy Game Download – Check How to Play Game and Download: Tower of Fantasy is one of…

Tower of Fantasy Game Download – Check how to play game and download it: Tower of Fantasy is one of the latest free-to-play, taking the video game scene by storm. With such exponential growth in recent days, the game is proving exciting to watch. Here’s what you need to know about how to play tower of fantasy and download it. For future updates on PMWI 2022, follow InsideSport.IN.

Everything you need to know about the Fantasy Tower Game

In this game, a player can only progress so far before hitting a wall. On the first day players can reach level 18, on the second day they can reach level 24, and so on. The levels coincide with the chapters of Wanderer’s Log. So they can check this to see how close they are to the next cap point.

Tower of Fantasy game download: Learn how to play the game and learn more about Tower of Fantasy download. It’s now for PC, iOS and Android devices

That being said, once the daily reset time passes, players can move on. Due to low content, day one can be a little boring while things like the Login Bonus, Daily Bounties, and other Dailies reset at 5 a.m. EDT. If players hit a wall (as mentioned above), wait for the reset timer to pass, after which they can do more dailies and continue leveling up.

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How to play Tower of Fantasy Game with friends?

To access co-op, players must first complete the game prologue. Once the prologue is completed, they will receive an item and the ability to see other players in the game world.

Now, to play with friends, players must ensure they are on their friends list. Players need to click on a player, and they’ll be given a bunch of options, one of them being “Add Friend”. Once a friend request has been accepted, visit the game menu and they will be able to invite a friend to your team. Once that friend or friends have joined, press “Go” and it will start the co-op session. Additionally, players should keep in mind that the story component of Tower of Fantasy can only be played solo. If they are in a team and try to start a story mission, the party will be broken.

How to complete the Download game Tower of Fantasy?

To download the game, CLICK HERE

The game is now available for PC, iOS and Android devices. Most experts consider it a direct competitor of Genshin Impact, it also uses a gacha-based system to unlock unique combat abilities. There is also a huge exploration aspect. So players will want to send their characters to search for chests, solve puzzles, and tear down enemy fortresses.

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