Is Bitcoin Making Its Way In The Video Game Industry?


The video game industry has grown significantly in recent years, and over the next five years it is expected to be worth nearly $ 300 billion worldwide. One of the critical factors in the continued growth of video games has been mobile gaming, and playing games on mobile devices has proven to be more popular than many experts predicted. However, another aspect of video gaming that may take off in the near future is Bitcoin.

In fact, the gaming industry has already incorporated Bitcoin, which has become the world’s first cryptocurrency. More and more people are choosing to invest money in Bitcoin. Although the value of the cryptocurrency can fluctuate, at the time of writing it is trading more than 100% above the starting 2021 level. Investing in Bitcoin is a gamble, and you can use the cryptocurrency. to play casino games. There are now casinos that specialize in cryptocurrency, and you can check out the Bitcasino review by clicking on the link.

So how did Bitcoin come to be a part of the video game industry?

Perhaps the most significant way Bitcoin entered the video game industry is as a method of payment when purchasing games. PC games can be downloaded and installed on Steam, a digital video game distribution service produced by Valve. There are some fantastic games available on Steam, and many of the latest titles are available for purchase on the platform. Bitcoin was first introduced as a payment method on Steam several years ago, but was phased out due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency.

Fortunately, there are many other ways to buy video games using Bitcoin. G2A is a good example, and it’s a website where you buy video game codes for multiple platforms, often cheaper than elsewhere. G2A has all popular payment methods including debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and Skrill, but it also offers Bitcoin through BitBay. Instant Play is another digital video game store that allows payment through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Why would you choose to buy a video game using Bitcoin?

First of all, you can buy items using Bitcoin without having to disclose your personal information. This is essentially an anonymous purchase, which is a good way to prevent your details from being stolen when purchasing video games online. Second, if you are already trading Bitcoin, why not use it to buy items you want, including video games? For many people, using cryptocurrency is the same as any other form of currency and very convenient. In fact, using Bitcoin to buy a video game is often faster than any other form of online payment and is free.

Interestingly, video game developers have taken steps to include Bitcoin in video games. Splinterlands is a good example, and this game has benefited from the popularity of mobile games and Bitcoin. The game is based on the exchange of cards and uses the blockchain. You can buy digital cards using Bitcoin and use them in fights against other players.

Another example of a blockchain-based video game is CryptoKitties. You can collect and breed cats, with each cat being 100% unique which means it is yours only, can never be removed or reproduced. While it may be impossible to keep up with the same format on the most popular video games with in-game transactions, Bitcoin may soon become an option on games like FIFA. Players can purchase packs and redeem cards in the game, and EA Sports may allow users to use Bitcoin to purchase items in the future.

Coin Hunt World is a geolocation video game where you collect Bitcoin. Using a digitally generated map of your region, you can walk around and find blue keys which, when submitted to a safe, result in the allocation of Bitcoin.

As you can see from the examples above, Bitcoin is already playing a role in the video game industry, and cryptocurrency will only gain in importance in the future.

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