Kiwi parents pick up gamepad during pandemic


New research has found that 76% of Kiwi parents have turned to video games to connect with their children during the pandemic, according to the Digital New Zealand 2022 (DNZ22) report released today by the leading body of the industry, the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA). The report, produced in collaboration with Bond University, explores the habits of New Zealand gamers and the gaming landscape during the pandemic.

Professor Jeffrey Brand of Bond University said: “New Zealand parents are starting to see video games as more than just entertainment – games are becoming a way for parents to connect with family on another level. With 58% of parents saying their children’s schools are now using video games as an alternate educational medium, it’s a great way for parents to engage with their kids while having fun and reinforcing what their children are learning.

IGEA CEO Ron Curry said the report demonstrates how important video games are for learning and social connection. “Gambling is already a popular pastime in New Zealand, but it is also a part of everyday life for many. in the face of blockages or travel restrictions. “

“Older Kiwis have also seen the benefits of playing video games – most play to keep their minds active during a time when many people cannot go out. More than three-quarters of New Zealanders also believe games video can improve a person’s mental health, so it’s no wonder we’re seeing so many Kiwis logging into games during the pandemic, ”Curry continued.

DNZ22 has discovered that the average New Zealand player is now 35 years old and averages 81 minutes a day. Almost half of New Zealand’s video gamers are female, and a third use online services to gamble.

Highlights of IGEA’s DNZ22 report:

  • Over 1.6 million households (92%) go online to video games
  • 3.7 million New Zealanders (73%) play video games
  • 75% of households have at least two devices for gaming
  • 67% of New Zealanders agree that games connect people socially
  • 58% of children learn with games at school
  • 42% of New Zealand households use a game subscription service

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