Latest macOS Monterey 12.3 update causing game controller issues

A growing number of complaints on the Reddit and Apple developer forums suggest that some Mac users are experiencing issues with game controllers after installing the latest macOS Monterey 12.3 update (via MacRumors).

For some users, Xbox, PlayStation, and other third-party controllers stopped working over Bluetooth after the update. Therefore, they cannot use these controllers in Mac games.

Some with problematic controllers were able to use the controllers on the web, but for some the controllers don’t work at all. Here’s what a Mac user wrote on the Apple Developer Forums:

“I am also having the same problem. My Nimbus+ controller will not work with Apple Arcade after updating to Monterey 12.3. I can connect via Bluetooth, but none of the buttons work. I’m sure there are many Mac gamers with the same problem and I hope Apple will fix it soon.

Meanwhile, some users were able to get their controllers working for some games, but not all:

“Same issues here. My controller works in some games, but not everywhere:

Working in apps:
– Steam
– Pac-Man party
– The Pathless

DOES NOT WORK in applications:
– Sonic Race
– Asphalt 8+
– Interception of agents »

Removing the controller from the Bluetooth menu and reconnecting it doesn’t seem to solve the problem. Currently, there are no known fixes for controllers not working over Bluetooth in macOS Monterey.

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