Man chases neighbor with traffic cone and throws gamepad at cop – Kevin Sullivan – Scoop: Nashville

On 10/14/21 at approximately 10 a.m., police were dispatched to a “person with a gun” call at 1813 16th Avenue N, Side “A” where a subject named Kevin Sullivan (the defendant) was chasing his neighbor (Drake Barton) with a large traffic cone, trying to hit him and his vehicle.

Officers arrived at the scene and the accused entered his house and began to smash more of his own items. After speaking with Mr Barton and checking the damage to his vehicle, it was evident that the defendant should be taken into custody due to the likelihood of the offense continuing and his mental illness.

Officers were admitted to the residence by Mr. Sullivan’s roommate, Sharon Bryant. As officers attempted to enter, Officer Scott said the accused intentionally picked up a video game controller and threw it at him. The controller passed in front of him and crashed to the ground. Constable Scott said he feared he would be injured by the object. Finally, the defendant was taken into police custody. Constable Scott said he would prosecute for assault.

On 10/14/21, the victim testified that the accused smashed the windshield of his Jeep Wrangler (while it was parked on the street), using a wooden cabinet. When he went to confront the accused (outside), the accused told him that he was “going to kill him” and again struck his Jeep with a large traffic cone. The defendant then said that if “you come over to me, I will shoot you in the face” before returning to his side of their duplex.

Officers also made contact with the accused, who began smashing his own items in front of the police and yelled obscenities. Due to his mental instability and the likelihood of the offense continuing, officers were unable to issue a state torts summons and the accused was taken into police custody. The victim said she would take legal action. The victim said she feared the accused would follow through on his threat to shoot him.

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