Man shocked by video game controller after lighting strike


A lightning

Photo: MLADEN ANTONOV (Getty Images)

A man of Robertson County, Tennessee was playing a video game on Saturday night during a storm when nearby lightning shocked him directly the wire of his controller.

Like WKRN reports, the man was playing after dinner when he was shot and called the emergency services for help.

Josh Rice, deputy director of emergency medical services for Robertson County, told News 2 that medics responded at around 9:15 p.m. on Saturday to a call from a man struck by lightning in Greenbrier.

When the teams arrived, they said they determined that the man’s house was hit or that lightning struck nearby, and that he received a shock through a video game controller.

While this sounds bad, he’s fine! He was able to make the call, and when paramedics arrived, they found he had not shown up. injured, “wanted to be examined to make sure he was not injured ” and did not need to be transported to a local hospital.

Lightning bolts while playing video games are no joke! I remember playing San Andreas on my PS2 at the time and a tree right in front of my bedroom window was struck by lightning. It didn’t go through anything I was holding or sitting on – unlike this unlucky guy –but my TV was weirdly fried, in that it then only showed its color in different shades of purple.

And while it may seem like an event in a million, it was only last year that Karma, a pro Rocket League player, was playing a game during a storm, holding a wired video game controller, and the exact same thing happened.

In this case, she was even more unlucky than the Robertson County man, as Karma actually suffered hand burns, and the shock melted the USB connection port on the controller she was using.

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