Middling Video Game Adaptation From One Of Horror’s Biggest Franchises Is Now Free

Image: Interactive Saber

One of the best horror franchises has been given a new lease of life in gaming, with Evil Dead: The Game now ready to hit digital shelves as a freebie.

The video game adaptation of Sam Raimi’s beloved horror-comedy series saw average to positive reviews when it launched in May 2022, but may now see a massive potential resurgence thanks to the Epic Games Store. Thanks to the store’s dedication to providing free games to users, you can now kill an army of deadites for free.

Evil Dead: The Game will be free to download from November 17-24, giving you another chance to jump into the game and experience it properly if you weren’t part of the initial wave. The game features many returning actors, with Bruce Campbell returning to his legendary role as Ash Williams.

The characters available to play cover the first three films and the Ash vs Evil Dead series, with none yet available as of the 2013 remake. The asymmetrical multiplayer game relies heavily on your team’s synergy and ability to communicate, also with several single-player missions that help you get more skins.

It’s not the first evil Dead game, and I hope it’s not the last. But if you’re there Saber, please get a voucher LOSS– running style story based on army of darkness. This is what the fans need. Hopefully with free play, the masses will come back and help the studio bring the game back up.

Evil Dead: The Game is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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