Moby: a gamepad for smartphones

Seamlessly linking the mobile gaming experience to the nostalgic archetype of the Game Boy, Brazilian industrial designer Thiago Viana brilliantly presents ‘Mobie’ – an innovative and fascinating device, super compact, simple to use and visually fun while being connected to the DNA of the game.

“For me, design is simply a harmonious blend of creativity and empathy – two things I try to take with me wherever I go.

I love what I do, I’m always looking for interesting new challenges and I strongly believe in the potential of design as the key to transforming the world as well as people for the better. Viana said.

An extraordinary game controller for smartphones – Moby is a personal concept project that he skillfully developed to delve into the gaming industry.

© Thiago Viana

Available in a color palette of three eye-catching vibrant shades to choose from and a selection of varied snap covers to personalize – this eclectic product is minimalist, small and flat so it can be taken anywhere hassle-free, without taking too much plenty of space.

With its logo effortlessly representing spontaneity, joy and playfulness – “The smiley face symbol is built on Moby’s square shape aesthetic with asymmetrical face elements generating a constant feeling of movement and excitement!” Viana adds.

The controller can furthermore be installed seamlessly on any smartphone by attaching the outer piece to its back and once done one can slide Moby in and out whenever desired.

It can further be played in a horizontal or vertical position and can also be detached from the smartphone, allowing a wider range of mobile games to be played.

Moby by Thiago Viana
© Thiago Viana
© Thiago Viana

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