Modder turns Fisher-Price toy into fully functional video game controller

He still plays the noises, of course

The Fisher-Price Toy Video Game Controller is not really intended to be used as an actual controller. It is a luminous play toy. That didn’t stop enterprising controller modder Rudeism from making the Fisher-Price toy completely usable as a controller in Ring of Eldenbut.

Following a joke from video game deals account Wario64, Rudeism took the joke as a challenge. Tweets about his progress soon followed, with USB power supply and one new port hacked children’s toy. Then, finally, came the proof.

In the video, Rudeism shows off all the different commands capable with the Fisher-Price toy controller. In some ways, it functions essentially the same as a standard Xbox controller. Face buttons do what face buttons would normally do, and the D-pad still swaps around flasks and weapons. The triggers and bumpers seem to take some getting used to. Where it gets even wilder (sort of) is the right stick; without a standard right stick for camera control, Rudeism uses the switch to toggle the function of the left stick.

Oh, and of course, it still lights up and makes noise. What good is it if it isn’t, right? Rudism also screams Parts not includedwho designed the underlying Xinput library.

Assume direct control

It’s another impressive controller achievement in a line of them from Rudeism. The streamer and hardware modder has made waves countless times with his previous work, including playing farming simulator with a real tractor and finish dark souls 3 using Morse code. He also crafted a lightsaber controller and glove combo for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orderfor the Force thrust to have that real feeling of sending someone flying with space magic.

His controller earned him notoriety. Seamus Blackleythe designer of the original Xbox controller (the “Duke”), hailed it.

As for what Rudeism plans to do with their new toy controller creation, now that it’s complete? He says he will beat Ring of Elden with that. Let Me Solo Her can take a break; the Fisher-Price fighter has this one, it seems.

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