Netflix’s video game service is available today with 5 games


Netflix announced the official launch of its new gaming initiative today, November 2. Five games are currently available on the mobile platform, including Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game. Netflix promises to add more titles to the platform later.

In August, Netflix rolled out its games service to Poland as part of a test. Originally, only Polish players had access to Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game. However, the service is now available worldwide and has added three new games to the platform: Shooting hoops, Explosion of cards, and Toggle up. The only requirement to play these games is to have a Netflix account and an Android device. The games do not require additional fees to play and there are no microtransactions.

The Netflix press release explains in more detail how players can customize their playing time. The game service can be used on multiple devices under one account, however, it cannot exceed the normal limit for Netflix accounts. Netflix suggests that if gamers want to use the gaming service on more devices, they should sign out of unused devices or remove access to the Netflix website.

Each game also offers the same language options as the normal streaming service. The gaming platform is not available for the children’s platform, and if the Netflix account requires a PIN code to access it, the PIN code must also be used to play the available games. Netflix allows gamers to play titles offline, which will likely require a full download of the game on the preferred device.

The Netflix gaming service is available worldwide today on Android devices.

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