NHTSA says it discusses driver access to video games with Tesla

After The New York Times revealed that Tesla now allows anyone to play video games while cars are on the move (including the driver), NHTSA finally decided to act. In an e-mail message to Reuters, the security agency said it is “Discuss functionality with manufacturer”.

We don’t know what “to discuss” means in this context. Reuters speculated that NHTSA was pressuring Tesla, but the security agency did not disclose any measures to support this. The good news for the VE maker is that it can fix the problem with a simple OTA (over-the-air) update. After all, it created the problem the same way after a July update allowed anyone in the car to play video games while the vehicle is moving.

According to NYT, all the driver has to do to play “Solitaire”, “Sky Force Reloaded”, and “The Battle of Polytopia: Moonrise” is clicking a button saying it is not the driver. This simple procedure does not help Tesla at a time when the company is accused of exaggerating the capabilities of its ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) Autopilot, and FSD (Fully autonomous driving).

While Tesla’s official communication states that both are Level 2 systems, which require constant monitoring, at least one video from the company indicates that the cars drive themselves. Theoretically, drivers could trust this and play video games while believing the car to be fully autonomous. Liza Dixon coined the expression ” automatic wash “ precisely to describe how Tesla and Elon Musk promise autonomous driving without actually being able to achieve it.

NHTSA may soon disclose the results of “Discuss functionality with manufacturer”. Although he doesn’t, Jalopnik wrote a demolition article about the security agency accusing him of being totally inept because “Tesla can play by any rules she wants.” Talking about things with the electric vehicle maker when it so blatantly mocks road safety is certainly not helping.

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