Nintendo Switch 2021 OLED Console Video Game Review


The OLED Switch is an incredible console. For me, it has exceeded the hype in terms of aesthetics and performance. (I haven’t used it enough to see if the battery is noticeably better, but so far it’s been fine.) As someone who uses the Switch around 60/40 leaning mostly towards handheld gaming, I think worth upgrading for improved display and audio from the built-in speakers; If you tend to play with the Switch connected to the TV, it’s probably not worth upgrading to a new console, unless you’re already planning to do so or you’re a real Nintendo hypebeast.

Now, if you don’t currently have a Switch and have been debating getting one, the release of OLED might make things more complicated. While there was initially a shortage of Switchs and Switch Lites, today there are plenty of them in stock online. If you are an OG buyer who wants something for traveling, I would choose the Lite. If you care more about playing on a TV (or if you’re a more serious gamer), waiting for the replenishment will be worth it.

Video games these days have something for everyone (from Metroid Dread to Mario Golf to Granny if you’re afraid of daylight), and the Switch makes it easy to get around with your console. I recently received this customizable case from Casetify with my initials on it, just to let people know it’s mine, mine!

Overall I’m sure it will be a top giveaway this year due to its status as a status video game console. from the moment. I remember Christmas when I got my Nintendo Wii – and it was pretty epic. My advice: find out who has been really well this year, and act quickly when the replenishment arrives.

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