Nintendo Switch emulator spotted in official Steam Deck video

Valve’s new Steam Deck video released this week appeared to include a reference to a Nintendo Switch emulation program, a find that seems quite amusing to those who recognized this app. The video was shared on the Steam Deck production update. This made it easy to acquire and receive the device in a relatively short time. Emulation was therefore still not at the center of the debate, but it is now becoming a subject of discussion.

The video below shows the emulation benchmark, but isn’t it when you blink? An app for something called “Yuzu” will be added at 1:40 just for a split second along with other playable games like Vampire Survivors, Tunic, and Hades. We won’t be linking the app itself here, but that’s no secret to those who have been looking up the Steam Deck for their needs.

After the video was shared online, many social media users shared screenshots of the moment that came from the steamy Steam Deck trailer for those who might have missed it. A lot of people noticed that the Xbox logo was the only one in the bottom right corner, but because that’s exactly what happened, an Xbox player icon syncs to the Steam Deck.

Valve’s Steam deck video shows a very interesting game icon on it:

Nibel (@Nibellion) October 7, 2022

A misunderstanding by everyone who put together this video, or a sinful acknowledgment by Valve in how people like to use their Steam Decks, the logo is very prominent in an official Steam Deck video. This is especially true given Nintendo’s strong support for the anti-emulation stance when it comes to downloading alternate versions of Nintendo games, whether it’s Switch or the retro system. Nintendo has taken action in the past against movies that showed people how to emulate their games on the Steam Deck, but since this video doesn’t actually show a Switch game running on the Steam device or anything, it’s unlikely that they’re something that can be down due to content claims.

The video is still up to date at the time of posting but it will be interesting to see if it’s not clear yet so it will be interesting to see if it’s still up to date or not or not a bit behind the date Release.

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