Nokia game controller certified by BT SIG

So far, Austrian company StreamView has brought us Nokia-branded OLED and LCD TVs, smart TV streaming boxes running Google’s Android TV, and some TV receivers designed to extend the life of your indestructible old LCD TV. The company recently updated its TV offering to include 4K QLED TVs up to 70 inches. However, the company will not stop at televisions and receivers. According to the latest BT SIG certificate, StreamView will announce a Bluetooth game controller simply called Nokia Game Controller.

I couldn’t find a graphical representation or render of the controller, but judging from what’s on the internet, it will most likely look like every other controller. The controller will feature a BT5.0 module, which suggests that latency and battery consumption will be low. Also, the controller has been certified with Realtek BT5.2 module, which means there should be at least two versions of it, one affordable and another more expensive, or it’s a BT antenna that goes into a TV… Not sure exactly what the product is, but a BT5.2 controller is also welcome.

I don’t know if StreamView plans to launch any new products at IFA2022 with all the other Nokia brand partners, but it would be a good place to show all the products together, phones, TVs, laptops, audio accessories, controllers and all the rest. arrived.


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