PlayStation 5 DualSense Spider-man gamepad

Graphic designer Snoreyn and airbrush artist Berta are teaming up to bring last year’s Spider-Man DualSense PS5 controller to life in incredible quality.

Many of you will remember the unique PlayStation 5 Spiderman Miles Morales console made by Giuseppe Spinelli, aka Buzzer. A year ago, even before the Playstation 5 has been officially released, the talented Italian graphic designer has created an impressive limited-edition PS5 console concept for LetsGoDigital – themed on the exclusive Spider-man: Miles Morales game. The new DualSense controller also has a matching design, with a beautiful shiny red spider web.

The reactions were overwhelming, with many voicing their hope that Giuseppe’s design would become a reality. This prompted the graphic designer and the die-hard gamer to actually achieve his design. In close collaboration with the Italian airbrush artist Enrico Bertagnoli, alias Berta, the DualSense controller has been transformed into a beautiful bespoke Spider-man edition.

Sony PS5 DualSense Spider-man Edition

The Italian duo tried to make the controller look like the original of the video as much as possible. Over the past month, the LetsGoDigital editorial staff have been able to spend quite a few hours playing with this unique controller. It is really a pleasure to play with this gamepad.

The DualSense controller is richly decorated with a shiny spider web. Dark chrome red reflects beautifully in the light. It creates a luxurious and playful effect and is also reminiscent of the Miles Morales outfit.

The distinctive “Be Yourself” slogan can be read on the touchpad of the black game controller. Various red elements have been applied on and around the buttons, to give this DualSense controller its own identity.

Berta even managed to paint the light bar red, ensuring that the light bar displays different color combinations when turned on. This red glow is also visible while charging. It is the only DualSense controller in the world with a modified light bar.

The back of the controller was not visible in the video. In fact, Snoreyn designed a beautiful spider with a matte gray color scheme for the back. This DualSense controller looks and feels very high end and offers even more gaming fun. It’s a project born out of passion, it shows and feels.

Snoreyn and Berta went for an incredibly high level of detail. From conception to completion. It is really not visible that this controller has been edited by hand. It takes many hours of intensive work, but when you look at the result, it’s worth it. Using high quality paint, the custom design continues to look stunning even after many hours of playing.

Snoreyn also created a stunning new video with live footage of him and Berta working on the controller – as seen above. He even designed a matching sales box for it, which was very much in line with the original DualSense box guidelines.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Custom Gamepad

Airbrush artist Berta

Since childhood, Berta has been passionate about drawing. In contact with the airbrush, he became enthusiastic about this technique which would later become the main tool of his work. Berta prefers quality over quantity. He tries to make each project unique, with a keen eye for detail and a particularly high level of finish.

Berta’s qualities did not go unnoticed either. For example, the airbrush artist was allowed to paint the face mask of Olympic fencing champion Bebe Vio. He also regularly performs assignments for the video game industry, including Ubisoft Italy, as well as for renowned game publishers and YouTubers.

For the DualSense Spider-Man project, Berta worked closely with Snoreyn. From the start, he was convinced that Snoreyn’s design could come true. They are both very happy with the end result. The timing is also perfect, after all, Miles Morales is celebrating his 10th birthday this year, so to speak.

Limited Edition Spider-man Controller

Graphic designer Snoreyn

Snoreyn is a true perfectionist. Creativity shaped him from an early age. He feels a huge urge to do things he longs for. From video games, consoles and gamepads to other types of consumer electronics.

Snoreyn decided to study graphic design and came into contact with 3D software for the first time. He quickly became intrigued by the many possibilities offered by such software. This allows him to visualize his ideas in 360 °.

Making 3D designs is a time consuming job, especially if you are striving to achieve the level of detail that Snoreyn has in mind. He also knows how to treat the effects of light in a sublime way.

Although Snoreyn is not an industrial designer, he always tries to take the reality of design into account. This stands out once again from this DualSense controller, which went from a sketch to a real product thanks to Snoreyn and Berta.

PlayStation 5 DualSense controller

Limited Edition Spider-man Controller Availability

Do you want to get your hands on this exclusive controller yourself? At the moment, the Spider-man controller is not offered for sale because the project was initiated as a private initiative.

If it turns out that more than one person is interested, Berta could start production of the controller in limited quantities – to ensure the high quality and exclusivity of the product. Follow the social networks of Berta and Buzzer to stay up to date on this topic!

Additionally, you can contact Berta for inquiries regarding custom controllers and other custom painting projects. All his work is done entirely by hand with particular attention to originality and quality.

DualSense Spider-man Controller

Bonami Spel Computer Museum

Are you planning to visit the Netherlands soon? So take a visit to the Bonami Game Museum to Zwolle as LetsGoDigital will donate their custom Spider-Man controller to the museum. It is the largest museum in the Netherlands for computers and game consoles.

Visitors to the Dutch Game Museum are introduced to the history of games and computers. There are plenty of game consoles set up for the public, including the new PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. There is also a spacious retro arcade room with over 60 arcade machines and pinball machines where you can play. as you wish.

Now visitors can also admire this amazing controller. Berta has made a special exhibition frame in which the controller will be exhibited. Below you can see Berta’s video in which the gamepad is shown in detail including the display frame.

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