Portimao added to F1 2021 video game in first major update


Upon the release of F1 2021 in July, EA Sports and Codemasters announced plans to bring three new tracks to the game as free downloadable content in the coming months.

Both Portimao and Imola were added late to the 2021 F1 calendar following the cancellation of other races, with the Codemasters design team working to get the tracks included in the game.

EA Sports and Codemasters announced on Monday that Portimao has been added to the game as part of F1 2021’s first major update, and is available to players starting today.

It gives players the chance to compete in the Portuguese Grand Prix for the first time on an official F1 title, replicating the actual race that took place in April.

Along with the addition of Portimao, the September 13 title update includes updated car performance to more accurately reflect the 2021 season, and the addition of the Aston Martin Safety Car to accompany the Mercedes AMG GT. R.

Plans for future additions to the game were also outlined as part of the announcement.

In October, Imola will join the circuit roster, while a long-awaited update to F1’s online Esports offering will also arrive next month after seeing its competitive leagues marred by startup issues.

A November update will then see the Jeddah Street Circuit added to the game ahead of the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in December.

F2 will also get its full 2021 season update in the November update, adding this year’s cars and drivers to the game.

“We are delighted to finally release our first free tour and to update our players on what’s to come in the months to come,” said Paul Jeal, Senior Director, F1 Franchise at Codemasters.

“Our players have let us know how excited they are to experience the new circuits for the 2021 season, and Jeddah will be a highlight to come out a few weeks before making its F1 debut in December.”

Along with today’s update, EA Sports and Codemasters are also currently offering a free trial of F1 2021 on Xbox and Playstation, which can be downloaded now from the respective stores.

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