PS5 appears to be jailbroken according to video

After almost two years since the first play of the game, about a year has passed since the release date. If you don’t know, that means the PS5 is able to run software that it usually couldn’t. Older gamers remember getting their PS2s chipped so they could run pirated games. It’s similar to that.


The news comes from modder, Lance McDonald, who tweeted a video showing the interface of the jailbroken PS5, which gives him a debug menu and also allowed him to download the PKG files to the PS4. The video can be downloaded by PT, which as soon as possible can not be downloaded.

Sony’s PS+ Deluxe is a consolation prize for countries where I won’t invest in Cloud Streaming.

Not much more is currently possible on the jailbroken version, so it’s currently only possible on PlayStation firmware version 4.03 5.50 for reference, version 4.50 was released in December 2021, so it will be quite difficult to find a console with the old firmware for the jailbreaker.

That seems to be the extent of the prison break. So far it hasn’t really been able to run any unlicensed software on it or do anything a regular user would really want to do. However, this means that it will become easier and faster to jailbreak newer firmwares.

While it will take some hackers a while to find all of the PS5 secrets, the one that seems to be true is tied to the PlayStation Stars loyalty program. It seems that in addition to the regular levels, PlayStation Stars has a special “Diamond” level, so you can’t just join this exclusive club. These datamen discovered it on Reddit.

They found pictures and a description of this level. In the endless sea of ​​stars, it seems impossible, according to the description. But you wouldn’t be here if you let your challenges stop you. Welcome to Tier 5. Sony hasn’t announced that tier yet, so we’ll be able to see some official stuff for a while.

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