Scuf Wireless Game Controller For Xbox Series X Can Fix Sticks



There haven’t been any better-than-basic wireless game controllers designed specifically for the Xbox x series Where S series — until now. of the corsair Scuf game, which makes customizable controllers for all platforms, follows on from its Prestige line launched in late 2020 with two new models from the Instinct brand: the $ 170 Instinct and the $ 200 Instinct Pro.

Being designed for the newer Xbox consoles is a small distinction, as there are many third-party wireless controllers for the previous Xbox, including the one from Scuf; Unlike the PS5, the Xbox hasn’t added any major new features that warrant a redesign or give you FOMO if you don’t upgrade. Yet support for Dynamic latency input and a direct share button may be worth it for you if you feel like sharing or hating your lag. And the first is the first!

Instinct models have improved shifters built from more durable materials and have better grip compared to its previous controllers, according to Scuf. This is huge, because there seems to be a lot of complaints about them for the Prestige. The new instant trigger on the Pro sounds identical to the Prestige’s hair triggers – a switch that toggles between making them feel and respond like mouse buttons rather than requiring the usual long pull. If you plug your headphones into the controller, you can take advantage of the new mic mute button.

They’re also a bit smaller than before, with a shape that the company says offers better control and can accommodate more hand sizes; Updated Bluetooth should provide a more stable and faster connection to PCs and other non-Xbox devices.

Scuf also redesigned the four mappable rear paddles; they’re no longer replaceable, as they’re built in behind the handles, but they’re in a much better location, at least for some of us. (I cannot comfortably use the paddles in the middle of the back because my hands seem too small.)

You can still physically customize the controllers with interchangeable faceplates and D-pads as well as two-height joystick choices and convex or concave rubberized grips, and also save up to three button remapping profiles. The Pro model also has an improved rubber grip over older models.

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