Tesla removes access to video games from drivers while driving

Tesla removes access to video games from drivers while driving

Under pressure from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tesla agreed to remove all access to video games from drivers while driving. NHTSA has announced that Tesla will be sending a software update over the Internet so that the “Passenger Play” feature is locked while the cars are in motion. Tesla made the move a day after NHTSA launched an official investigation into the allegation that Tesla drivers can play video games while driving.

A YouTube video shows exactly how Tesla drivers can easily bypass the passenger security system and start playing while driving. This investigation was mentioned by a complaint submitted to NHTSA by Tesla Model 3 owner Vince Patton in November. Mr. Vince saw the YouTube video and was curious to give it a try for himself. He walked into the empty parking lot of a community college and loaded some games into his car. “I thought it couldn’t be right. I only did this for about five seconds and then turned it off. I am amazed. To me, it just seems inherently dangerous. Mr. Vince is a 59-year-old retired journalist who lives near Portland, Oregon. He was extremely concerned for Tesla’s driving safety. “Someone is going to be killed. It’s completely crazy. In his letter to NHTSA, he clarified that NHTSA must ban all live video games in the front seat and all interactive web browsing when the car is in motion. The official NHTSA investigation aimed “to assess the distraction potential of the driver of Tesla ‘Passenger Play’ while the vehicle is being driven.”

This does not mean that Tesla is free to move forward. The company has faced a few other investigations in recent years, including one on its “autopilot” system. NHTSA is still investigating why Tesla’s “autopilot” driving system continues to crash into stopped emergency vehicles.


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