The 9 defunct video game services we miss the most

When someone imagines a video game console, there are a few main things that come to mind. Perhaps they imagine playing their favorite games with their friends, being able to download their most anticipated titles on launch day, or competing with others for the highest score in competitive-style leaderboards. It is common knowledge that these services need Internet access to function.

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Unsurprisingly, not everyone thinks about which servers these features should be hosted on – at least not until a company announces that it’s going to shut down one of these long-running services. While it’s always hard to accept, a sad reality of the ever-changing live service industry is that not all services can be sustained indefinitely.

9 The Wii U and 3DS eShops permanently close on the same day

The Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS online stores are both scheduled to close permanently on March 27, 2023. While the stores themselves will remain open for another six months, the deadline to add any type of funds, including with eShop-specific Prepaid Cards, is August 29, 2022.

Although these stores still exist, it takes less than a week before fans lose the ability to add funds to their accounts. Players in the UK haven’t had this ability since late 2019, so it’s only a matter of time before an official global shutdown takes place.

8 Loss of original Xbox Live meant loss of compatibility for many games

In the early days of the console, many gamers assumed that the services they played on would always be available. As time passes and new consoles come out, older ones have to be pushed aside in order to make room, the original Xbox being no exception. Less than a decade after its release, the original Xbox Live was discontinued.

In Microsoft’s official statement, the shutdown was done in order to help drive sales to the newer, more profitable Xbox 360. While that makes sense, it also means that many original titles have lost compatibility with online services.

seven A handful of classic Wii apps ended up being discontinued

The Nintendo Wii was one of the most beloved consoles of its time, and there was one in virtually every family’s living room. This would slowly change over time, with Nintendo in turn beginning to cancel many of the console’s once-loved channels. Perhaps the most well-known closure is that of the Wii Shop Channel.

However, there are a handful of other classic Wii Channels that have been caught in the crossfire. The Nintendo Channels, Forecast, News, Everybody Votes and Check Mii Out were all shut down in 2013. While all were fairly straightforward services, they were also Wii staples and their hiatus was felt by many fans.

6 Many beloved old Ubisoft titles have had their online support cut

Ubisoft is one of many companies that has decided to pull the plug on several of its titles online over the years. Like many others, Ubisoft states that by doing so, they will be able to provide players with a smoother experience in their newer titles.

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Nearly a hundred Ubisoft titles have had their online support removed to date, which is a blow to the many titles that are better experienced with or against other players. Some of the most notable titles to lose online support include the first Far cry games and a handful of Assassin’s Creed securities.

5 Nintendo cites social media as the main killer of Miiverse

Nintendo has tried all sorts of different avenues when it comes to its in-console apps. With the Miiverse for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Nintendo tried its hand at a social network-like app where users could share their opinions on various games or share cute doodles with each other.

While Miiverse turned into a place overrun with trolls and off-topic discussions, it was still a charming and entertaining place that many users liked to check out. Nintendo ended support for the Miiverse in November 2017, citing the rise of other mainstream social media apps as the primary reason for its decline.

4 Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Shutdown Service Has Crushed Longtime Fans

One of the most crushing interruptions for any Nintendo fan has to be the shutdown of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. On May 20, 2014, Nintendo disconnected the connection service, which affects many Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi titles.

Even though these three systems weren’t as popular in the 2010s, these systems all had a few titles that retained a small dedicated fanbase. Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Brothers: Brawl are two great examples of this, with a player in the first actually taking a screenshot of the exact moment the servers were permanently shut down for a Mario Kart race.

3 The original Overwatch will soon be completely inaccessible

Fans often prefer older titles in a series to their newer versions, making Blizzard’s decision to scrap the original altogether. Surveillance this coming fall a confusing one. Monitor 2 will finally be released in October, and Blizzard has decided to shut down the original Surveillanceit is servers for good thereafter.

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Players will have access to all of their original skins in the game’s sequel, but other than that, nothing will remain of their old accounts. In order to compensate for this, the PvP-focused elements of the sequel will be free, but many are still not happy with this decision.

2 TERA’s doors closed after a decade last summer

All MMOs are doomed to face their last day, with TERA onlineis incredibly recent. As of June 30, 2022, TERAit is the servers were permanently shut down, marking the end of service for a decade-old MMO that still had a small but dedicated fan base.

Turns out the team behind TERA she herself was not enthusiastic about their title being discontinued. However, Bluehole – the game’s only remaining publisher – made the decision to halt development, which meant the team had no choice but to do the same.

1 Online support for Xbox 360 Legacy Halo titles was cut late last year

The Xbox One has been out for almost an entire decade, but many fans still prefer to play their favorite 360 ​​titles on their original system. Despite a dwindling fan base as many switched to next-gen Xbox, many gamers still preferred classic 360 titles.

While Xbox 360 is still generally supported, companies may choose to maintain support for their titles. 343 Industries, responsible for the Halo franchise, decided to drop support for its 360 titles late last year. While players can still browse the single-player sections of these games, all multiplayer features are now unavailable.

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