The Most Haunting Video Game Creepypastas to Read This Halloween

Many video games feature their own lore and legends, but fan-made Creepypastas expand the reach of horror games and even unassuming titles with stories that often bring their hauntings back to the real world. Video games are full of disturbing events, and everything from creepy characters to jarring glitches can lead players to cook up ghost stories disturbing enough to become internet legend. Apart scary horror gameseven the most innocent titles can produce Creepypastas that are downright nightmares, providing players with plenty of content to keep them awake this Halloween.


Like many urban myths and legends, Creepypastas tend to be word-of-mouth stories written to be read as if they could have happened in real life. These horror stories are usually short which makes it easy for readers to copy, paste and share them on different forum sites and threads. Some popular Creepypastas will even grow into a vast collaborative tradition as fans post their own stories and creations inspired by these terrifying folk tales on the internet.

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Video games are a great source of inspiration for Creepypastas – whether it’s a horror title or a relaxing time cooperative game to play with children – blending digital horror and creative folklore to evoke the fear that follows the player into the real world long after the game has stopped. The medium creates the perfect space to inspire these types of tales and urban legends, and many games lend themselves to a shareable experience in which the player asks their friends if they have also seen this strange thing happen. Creepypastas have in turn inspired tons of scary video games, giving gamers a digital playground of pure terrors to dig into whenever they need a good scare.

Slender Man is one of the Internet’s most notorious Creepypastas

While many video game fans may know Slender Man from Thin: the eight pagesThe Slender Man Creepypasta originated from a meme originally created for the Something Awful forum in 2009. Slenderman appears as a tall, thin, faceless man in a neat black suit who is “always watch” although he has no eyes. Slender Man even received a Among us mini game. Tales of this terror usually involve him stalking and abducting his victims, leaving them with trauma that often causes memory loss.

Slender Man quickly inspired several fan creations online, the most notable of which was the Marble Hornets series that aired on YouTube from 2009 to 2014. Slenderman’s growing popularity on the internet led to the release of Thin: the eight pages and Svelte: the arrival, which was instrumental in establishing her as a notorious pop culture icon soon after. Slender Man also inspired Minecraft‘s Endermen, though those block-stealing monsters don’t share his appreciation for eye contact.

Ben Drowned is a Classic Creepypasta Video Game

Majora’s Mask is already considered one of scariest games ever The Legend of Zelda series, but his infamous BEN Drowned Creepypasta takes his horror to a whole new level. The story began as a series of fictional posts uploaded by a college student who got a haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge from a garage sale. When starting the game for the first time, he discovered that the save file for someone named BEN had already been created.

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However, the student’s game quickly took a terrible turn, as the mysterious BEN began to haunt him throughout the game itself. Each of BEN Drowned Creepypasta’s posts was incredibly detailed and included a video”evidenceof the many terrifying glitches that occurred throughout the game. Ultimately, the entity known as BEN manipulated the student into uploading it to the internet, setting in motion an ARG in three parties that only recently ended on Halloween 2020.

The SCP Foundation Collaborative Creepypasta Is Absolutely Massive

Before SCP became popular on Twitch, The SCP Foundation started out as a massive Creepypasta collaborative project featuring over 4,000 Wiki entries written by fans around the world. The overall premise of the story centers on the SCP Foundation, a secret society tasked with securing, containing, and protecting anomalies that defy the laws of physics. As such, articles on the SCP Wiki tend to be written in the form of scientific reports and journals that carefully document each anomaly.

Each anomaly is given a number in the SCP universe, which is then used to refer to it in Creepypasta’s plethora of content. While many of these anomalies are horrific creatures and violent entities that threaten human survival, others harmlessly defy natural laws. The SCP Foundation Wiki has inspired several novels, and some of the scariest horror games were based on or inspired by this massive Creepypasta project.

Pale Luna is a text nightmare

Like many good Creepypastas video games, Pale Luna began with a highly repeatable microfiction story about a text-based adventure game that led to the scene of an actual murder. According to the original post, a strange game titled pale moon had circulated among gamers and local developers in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1980s. While the game was extremely difficult and crashed whenever the player chose the wrong path, a competent player was able to beat it and reach the end of the game. His reward was a set of coordinates which, when located, led him to the body of a girl who had been murdered over a year prior.

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Despite the plethora of pale moon text adventure fan games that have been created since the original post began circulating online, the associated murder mystery is not a true story. Still, these Creepypasta-inspired text-based adventures provide enough thrills without an actual murder tied to the game’s true ending. pale moon content available online for horror fans to dig through this Halloween.

Sonic.exe created a scary Creepypasta Fanverse

sonic the hedgehog has inspired a seemingly endless amount of fan content over the years, but the Sonic.exe Creepypasta is certainly a contender for the most gruesome. According to the story of Creepypasta, a Sonic fan received a cursed disc from a friend who warned him to destroy it. Like a good Creepypasta protagonist, the fan started the disc anyway, causing the eldritch entity that was unlocked through Sonic character file to haunt him.

Although the original story of Sonic.exe Creepypasta might seem simple enough, the series of games and other fan-made content it inspired offer plenty of demonic features. Sonic gameplay for fans to enjoy. A rewrite of the original story was also uploaded in 2017, which confirmed that the malevolent character of Sonic.exe was intended to be an eldritch entity, as some Creepypasta fans had previously speculated. Fans even created a Sonic.exe mod for Sound originsallowing horror game players to download Creepypasta content directly into their own console still to haunt this Halloween.

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