The squid game already has a video game and you can try it from your mobile easily


We don’t want to go into so many details or join the long list of memes posts related to Netflix’s delivery. The squid game. If you are here it is because you have seen the series before and you know it would be more than exciting try a game with the theme of some of the challenges seen in the first season.

So the reach of said production has been such that a video game has already been launched so that you too will feel a little adrenaline when the doll sings. Let’s play, let’s move green light! Here you can download the game we tested ourselves on mobile.

The most realistic squid game today

To date, there have been plenty of headlines released that promise to have you running to reach the finish line in less than the 2 minutes shown on the clock. However, we have tested over 15 alternatives and only one had the necessary characteristics so that today we can recommend it– Easy controls, decent graphics and less game bugs.

The video game in question is called Fish game and it came out just a few days ago, September 25 to be exact. Fortunately, we have a few distinctive elements of the series: the music, the lobby, the stage with the doll and the stopwatch that tells us to cross the line not to be disqualified.

As for the gameplay, just move the character by tapping on the left side of the screen. You can also jump with the arrow on the right side, but remembering that there is no need to move when the doll stops singing.

Squid game arrival

To be able to play itAll you need to do is download the Roblox app from your iOS or Android mobile. In case you didn’t know, Roblox is a platform that allows any user to create a game thanks to its graphics engine, which has made it possible to launch hundreds of deliveries. After downloading this app, you will need to search for the title Fish Game, developed by GOODJUJU, or just click on the direct link to register and start playing. Roblox also has the option to try video games from the desktop, but you will need to download its app.

And yes of course when you try it you will find some drawbacks but you have to remember that is a game launched at the end of September and developed via a platform It has its own graphics engine, plus it’s the best thing that exists in Roblox… I’m sure it will get some improvements later.

In times of pandemic multiplayer games like Among Us, Call of Duty: Mobile and Fall Guys have been one of the most notable, but we bet titles with ideas from this series can win a piece of the pie as well.

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