Triple2 Digital develops and launches Hamsters Don’t Swim mobile video game, in partnership with Pashco LLC


Triple2 Digital, a full-service digital agency specializing in the creation and deployment of software, hardware and managed services, created and launched “Hamsters Don’t Swim”, a brand new mobile video game available on iOS and Android. Triple2 Digital has developed both the front-end and the back-end integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a dynamic, engaging and stimulating experience for game users.

“’Hamsters Don’t’ Swim ‘is an excellent representation of Triple2 Digital’s capabilities in the video game space,” said Anthony DiPrizio, CEO and Founder of Triple2 Digital. “Although we have carried out video game projects in the past, this commitment with a client, with whom we have a long-standing and trusting relationship, has allowed us to anchor video game development more deeply at the heart of our capabilities and our service offering. “

The basic premise of the game consists of a hamster, which is the user’s character, trying to escape complicated mazes as the water slowly rises around him. The player can use a range of different “power-ups” to escape and advance to the next level without drowning. The in-game visuals feature the 3D modeling, rigging, animation, and shading created by Triple2 Digital. Development required a significant amount of optimization to ensure that the game looked and felt great without overwhelming the processor and battery of the mobile device.

Pashco, a multi-genre mobile game company, has a vision to “mobilize” profits to change the world. “Our vision is to create games in all genres for all age groups, while donating a large portion of our profits to positively impact our world today. We wanted to provide a space where everyone is welcome to have fun and make a difference, ”said Paul Cole, Founder of Pascho, LLC. Play with a Goal begins with the inaugural launch of “Hamsters Don’t Swim”, a brand new mobile video game available on iOS and Android. In partnership with Triple2 Digital, Pashco’s Hamsters Don’t Swim integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a dynamic, engaging and empowering experience for game users.

“Working with T2D on multiple occasions has shown us how far they can push next-generation technology and put it in the palm of your hand, as their ingenuity has opened the doors to limitless creativity. They have truly exceeded our expectations by providing a full service experience which has eased our transition to the world of video games, ”said Paul Cole, Founder of Pashco, LLC. “We have a long-standing partnership with Triple2 Digital and look forward to continuing to work with the team as we introduce new features in the rollout of future phases of the game as well as additional games that we plan to partner with. with Triple2 Digital. “

Hamsters Don’t Swim is available for download on iOS and Google Play.

About Digital Triple2:

Triple2 Digital is a full-service digital development agency specializing in creating revolutionary software, hardware and managed services solutions to solve real-world business needs and problems. The company works with Fortune 500 companies for pre-revenue startups and has been chosen by companies like Air France, Intel, Netflix and Toyota for critical engineering projects. For more information, please visit

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