Video game mini games that you can play in real life


“Fall Out: New Vegas” brought the post-apocalyptic streets of Vegas to life in more than one way. Set in Mojave Wasteland, an area that loosely represents southwestern states like California, Nevada, and Arizona, the game plunged players into a challenging world filled with bots, stray bandits, and corruption. In “New Vegas”, Sin City is but a point of soot in a post-apocalyptic world. That being said, it also has options for mini games and fun games, like Caravan.

Obsidian Entertainment specially designed Caravan as a fictional card game for “Fallout: New Vegas”, but the game uses a simple deck of cards and can be played in real life. Pagat, a card games site, lists two versions of Caravan that “Fallout” fans can play with friends using standard cards. The first version attempts to copy the game almost exactly as in “Fallout: New Vegas” and the second is illegal and includes several changes. Alternatively, the How To Play Trailer eBook suggests other variations and strategies that players can also consider.

Obsidian Entertainment has also included physical Caravan decks with its Collector’s Edition of the New Vegas game. Fans can still find these elusive packs on sites like Amazon and eBay, but they’re much more expensive and less available than a cheap deck of cards.

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