Why Free Guy is one of the best video game movies


The Collider Movie Club team also highlights “Wreck-It Ralph” and “WALL-E” as standout video / tech games.

Free Guy Collider Movie Club

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Welcome to the Collider Movie Club! Hosted by Coy Jandreau and Perri Nemiroff, Movie Club offers an in-depth exploration of the key themes, execution and impact of some of our favorite films. This week, Coy and Perri are celebrating the new My Lists feature in Movies anywhere by discussing some of the best movies about games and how we use technology.


Image via 20th Century Studios

There’s a reason we picked this particular theme for an episode of Collider Movie Club; 20th century studios ” free guy ended up being one of the most delicious hits of the year. Movie stars Ryan reynolds as an NPC (non-player character) named Guy who suddenly realizes he doesn’t have to be a background player – he can write his own story! The film is an extremely charming adventure that is overflowing with creativity and heart. A must-see for 2021 if there is one.

Catch Coy and Perri wonder why Free Guy, Ralph’s wreck and WALL-E are some of the best movies that explore video games and tech in this episode of Collider Movie Club!

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