YCCTEAM gamepad review for Nintendo Switch: look no further, this is the gamepad you need

I don’t even know how many dozens of Switch controllers I’ve tested over the years, but I can tell you that out of all the ones I’ve got my hands on, the YCCTEAM game controller is by far my favorite. This is because it has a similar design to the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, but with one major layout difference: a huge Home button in the top center.

It’s also significantly cheaper than many other third-party options while offering more features than many competitors. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable controller for solo play or trying to get a bunch of inexpensive controllers for multiplayer, this one will serve you well.

YCCTEAM gamepad for Nintendo Switch: price and availability

Yccteam Wireless Pro Game Controller Red next to Switch (Image credit: Rebecca Spear/iMore)

This third-party Switch controller retails for $26.99 on Amazon, but has seen significant price drops at certain times of the year. It’s already much cheaper than other Switch controller options while offering more features than most Switch gamepads on the market. There are five different colors to help you choose the look you like best. Get it in red, black, white, blue or black and green.

YCCTEAM gamepad for Nintendo Switch: what’s good

Yccteam Wireless Pro Game Controller Red next to Pro Controller (Image credit: Rebecca Spear/iMore)

The YCCTeam game controller has a very similar design to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, but with one important change – the home button is at the top center making it easier to access. I love this layout and will choose this controller over all the others I own every time.

Category YCCTEAM Gamepad for Nintendo Switch
Compatible devices Switch, OLED Switch, Lite Switch
designs 5
Battery Up to 10 hours
To scold Yes
Motion commands Yes
Turbo mappable Yes
Scan amiibo Yes

There is also an additional Turbo button which, thanks to the instructions in the manual, I was able to easily set to one of the other buttons on the controller. It’s something that can be useful in some competitive games, but most people won’t use it. Luckily, it’s not easy to accidentally trigger the Turbo Button assign feature unless you want to.

This gamepad is a bit lighter than the official controller, but that’s usually the case with third-party controllers. I got used to the difference after a while and the weight didn’t feel unpleasant in the long run. The buttons all sink well and the joysticks are very responsive. There were no lags when playing my favorite Switch games and the controller always worked as I expected. It can even wake up the Switch if I press the Home button, wait a second, then press the Home button again. By doing this, I don’t have to get up from my couch just to turn on my console.

The interior gyroscope responds when I rotate the controller to work well with all games that offer motion controls. Plus, there’s a good level of vibration without it being too little or too much. Many third-party Switch controllers leave these features out, so it’s nice to have them.

He actually scans the amiibo!

Yccteam Wireless Pro Red Amiibo Gamepad (Image credit: Rebecca Spear/iMore)

More than motion controls and rumble, amiibo scanning is almost always left out of third-party controllers, but that’s not the case with the YCCTEAM game controller. It responded quickly whenever I pressed any of my characters in the home button area and allowed me to unlock items in various games.

Incredibly low price with all features

Yccteam Wireless Pro Red Side Gamepad (Image credit: Rebecca Spear/iMore)

It’s crazy that the YCCTEAM controller offers all these functions and still manages to cost only $27. Most of this controller’s third-party competitors are $40, and the Pro Controller costs you $70. So really, this controller offers the most value while still being a great choice.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Pro Controller or want to get a bunch of controllers for game night, this is the one for you. You can even get five different colors to differentiate between friends and family if you want.

Battery life test

Yccteam Wireless Pro Red Charge Gamepad (Image credit: Rebecca Spear/iMore)

I used this controller for dozens of hours throughout the week. The battery lasts up to 10 hours and since I always charge my controllers between sessions, it never ran out of juice during testing. There’s a USB-C slot at the top of the controller, and a charging cable comes in the box, so I was able to top it up using the Switch dock whenever I was done.

YCCTEAM Gamepad for Nintendo Switch: What’s Not Good

Yccteam Pro Red Backside Wireless Gamepad (Image credit: Rebecca Spear/iMore)

The only negative I can think of for this excellent controller is that there could be more texture on the grips to make it easier to hold. Otherwise, it’s practically perfect. As it is, it can be a little slippery, but not enough to make me feel like I’m going to drop the controller. Honestly, considering the low cost of the controller combined with all the features it offers, this is one of the best gamepads for Switch you can get.

YCCTEAM Gamepad for Nintendo Switch: Competition

Pokemon Grookey Powera Controller (Image credit: Rebecca Spear/iMore)

If you’re looking for something with officially licensed designs like Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing, or Pokémon characters, then you’ll want to check out the PowerA Wireless Enhanced Controller. There are dozens of models to choose from. The only downside is that while they have motion control and rumble, they can’t scan amiibo.

For gamers who want a gamepad that offers a bit more pizzazz, an RGB option like the Nexigo Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller will be nice. You can get a controller with minimal lighting around the thumbsticks or there are other options that have lighting patterns on the front of the controller. It also offers rumble and motion controls, but again, no amiibo swipe.

YCCTEAM Gamepad for Nintendo Switch: Should You Buy One?

Yccteam Wireless Pro red gamepad with docking station (Image credit: Rebecca Spear/iMore)

You should buy it if…

  • You want something cheap but reliable
  • You need a controller with all the features of the Pro Controller
  • You like the idea of ​​a big home button
  • You need rumble and motion controls, and an amiibo scan

You shouldn’t buy this if…

  • You only want to have officially licensed accessories
  • You want something with Nintendo characters on it
  • You don’t like the color options

I have dozens of Switch controllers at my disposal since I test them frequently. However, since I started using the YCCTEAM game controller, I haven’t wanted to use any other ones. I like the traditional design that matches the ergonomic feel of the Pro Controller. Also, the fact that this controller has motion controls, rumble, a huge home button, and even amiibo scanning makes it stand out in a sea of ​​competitors.

It’s a bit lighter than the official Pro Controller and there’s not as much texture on the grips as I would like. However, it’s incredibly inexpensive for all the features it offers and gives me everything I need to play my favorite games. If you need a controller for solo play or want to get a few for competitive couch multiplayer, this is the controller to get.

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