TVSquared launches cross-platform analytics solution in UK and Germany

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TV analytics firm TVSquared has launched its cross-platform measurement and attribution platform for all forms of TV, ADvantage XP, in the UK and Germany.

The scalable solution brings continuous and impression-based measurement of ad exposure and outcomes to TV campaigns across linear, streaming, and addressable TV.

By using smart TV viewership data and direct publisher integrations, TVSquared has a vast coverage of global converged TV, now including millions of British and German households.

What’s more, TVSquared authenticates households through their audience IDs to accurately link exposures to outcomes and harmonise cross-platform data.

ADvantage XP’s metrics quantify incremental reach, including additional streaming households reached beyond linear TV, and provide attribution insights on key performance indicators such as sales, registrations, app activities, and more.

Jo Kinsella, president at TVSquared, said: “TV is redefining itself in real time, and advertisers need a consistent way to count and ascribe value across platforms.

“Sitting at the center of the TV ecosystem, TVSquared is well positioned to leverage the right data sources and deliver consistent measurement and attribution through our scalable, unified platform.

“Globally, the adoption of converged TV strategies is at the forefront of marketers’ minds, and we are excited to support that momentum with the launch of ADvantage XP in the UK and Germany.”

The launch of ADvantage XP in Europe comes on the heels of a new report – “The State of Converged TV: A Look at Global Trends & Adoption” – released by TVSquared and third-party research firm, Dynata.

The survey, which found that more than 80% of respondents consider cross-platform TV measurement to be a top priority, highlights the shifting understandings of what defines TV as streaming continues to expand.

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